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Personal Shipping for Students

Students and Faculty

Sending packages has never been easier! Our products enable over 500,000 Students to send and recieve packages from 680 Universities to all over the world! Honored with that trust, we strive every day to deliver world class shipping solutions.

eShipNOW is the hassle free way for the Univeristy community to send personal packages anywhere in the world within 3-5 business days.

Simple, secure convenient and available 24/7.

Why eShipNOW

Lowest Shipping Cost Solution

Never spend a dollar more than you should.

Hassle Free

Eliminate handwritten labels and making trips to carrier stores.


Have a central repository of all shipping records.


Send packages anywhere in the world within 3-5 business days. +


Let eShipNOW deal with all support issues regarding your shipping.


Both shipper and recipient can track delivery progess with a unique tracking number.

Refer to our FAQ section for frequently asked questions.

+Assumes there are no carrier-related, weather-related, or clearance delays